Knowing the central focus of your landscaping project can make a significant difference when it comes to creating a well-designed garden, within your budget. Whether you are hoping to create a family garden or an entertainer’s paradise, the following might prove helpful in creating your own functional garden.  

A family garden

Open spaces, play areas, safety and durability are all central to creating a garden suitable for a young family. Kids and pets need space and fresh air to run around in, while you might want a few features that are better suited to social gatherings. Whether you are an entertainer or a green thumb, mix the following ideas with your favorite sections to create your ideal family haven.

Play areas: this might include lawn areas for sports/games, fairy gardens, a playground, a sandpit or a covered outdoor play area for rainy days.

Fully fenced: especially if you have young children or pets, a fully fenced property is at the top of many parents’ landscaping lists.

Veggie garden: a sweet way to introduce children to nature (and encourage them to eat their greens!) is to teach them how to grow their own fruits and veggies. 

Swimming pool/spa: most children don’t need to be asked twice to get off their gadgets and out into the fresh air when there’s a swimming pool involved!

Outdoor theatre: who needs drive-ins when you have your own backyard theatre? All you’ll need is a laptop, projector, projector screen and some cozy outdoor seating.

Outdoor shower: for those days when the kids or pets come home covered in mud or sand, an outdoor shower is essential.

Fruit trees: fruit trees will ensure your family always has access to a healthy snack, and can contribute to the privacy and serenity of your home.

Low-maintenance: durable plants, automated irrigation systems and synthetic lawns are simple ways to tick things off your list while keeping your home looking presentable.

Garden lighting: for safety and atmosphere, a lighting plan is integral to any good garden design.  

Storage: if you have room, it’s worth investing in a garden shed or garage to store bikes, gardening tools and miscellaneous outdoor items. 

Courtesy of Zones Landscaping

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