Outdoor Living in Michigan

It’s no secret that Michigan has beautiful, warm summer nights. That is why many Michiganders incorporate outdoor living into their home design. But what happens when the cold Michigan winters roll around? Most would cover the outdoor furniture, close the door, and lock it until it is time to come out of hibernation again, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you take the time and money to build your perfect outdoor living space, you should be able to use it year-round! Luckily, a few ways can make winter nights comfortable outside, too. 

Let’s talk about the essentials. One of the main things you can do is ensure you have warm, cozy seating options in your space. Try to include deep lounges and cozy nooks; you may elevate your space by adding heated furniture options. 

Outdoor heating can be a game changer for outdoor living in Michigan winters. Consider adding firepits, patio heaters, and again considering that heated outdoor furniture. The great thing about the heating aspect is that you can count on nights getting chilly to use these things all year round in Michigan. They might be more helpful in the winter! 

Michigan nights in the winter get dark quickly! Because it gets dark early, lighting in your outdoor space will be essential! Consider adding string lights, lanterns, and even candles. This type of lighting, paired with the outdoor heating, creates the perfect cozy winter ambiance for your space. 

Windy and snowy weather is the norm in Michigan, so count on having waterproof furniture covering for when you are not using your outdoor living space and investing in an all-weather rug. 

Overall, you can’t count on Michigan weather, but as we have learned, you can prepare for that! Make these decisions and be able to enjoy the stunning views of Michigan all year long from your outdoor living space!

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